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What is the time before overhaul (TBO) for my propeller?

McCauley Propellers are found in the owners manual MPC26

Hartzell Propellers are found in Service Letter HC-SL-61-61Y

Hamilton Sundstrand Propellers are found in the applicable Maintenance Manual

Hamilton Standard Propellers – use CARs App C “Out of phase tasks”

MT Propeller are found in Service Bulletin SB 1

What type of grease can I use? Can I mix greases?

All approved greases are listed in Hartzell owner’s manuals.  The only greases that are allowed to mix are Aeroshell 5 and Aeroshell 6.  Please refer to Service Letter SL-61-366 for more information and corrective actions if greases are mixed.

Should I get my aircraft propeller dynamic balanced after it has been installed?

All manufactures recommend Dynamic balancing your propeller after being installed.

Quote from Hartzell Manual: 

“Dynamic balance is recommended to reduce vibrations that may be caused by a rotating system (propeller and engine) imbalance.  Dynamic balancing can help prolong the life of the propeller, engine, airframe and avionics.”

Majority of vibration issues are solved with dynamic balance.


What are my damage limitations on my blades?

The owner manuals give you the airworthy limits, repair limits, repair procedures, and corrective actions  for damage on the blades.

What is my torque value to install my propeller?

The owner manuals have all the installation procedures to install your aircraft propeller including torque values.


When does my calendar time start for my propeller?

The calendar time starts when the propeller is installed on the aircraft.  Please note that accordance with CARs 625 App C out of phase task, propeller overhauls are to be no later than 10 years from the date of last overhaul, no matter the hours.

What are some signs that I might need a propeller repair?

Common signs that you made a propeller repair are:

  • Vibration has developed that wasn’t there before
  • Propeller blade damage that is not within airworthy limits
  • Oil and grease leaks
  • Excess paint erosion

How do I know if I need a propeller repair or if I need a new propeller?

Corrective action is based on the extent of the damage to a propeller.  This is why it is a good practice to send in your propeller for assessment so we know exactly what we are dealing with.  Depending on the model of propeller and the extent of damage to the propeller,  a new propeller may be more economical, but not always.

Can you explain what’s involved for my aircraft propeller overhaul?

When you send in your propeller for overhaul, the propeller goes through an intense inspection process including dimensional and NDT processes.  All corrosion and damage is removed from the airfoils of your blades.  All angles and straightness of the blades are checked.  Most steel parts will get re-Cadmium Plated and the rest of the propeller will be repainted.  Majority of the seals, gaskets and hardware are replaced and the propeller is assembled and set to specifications.  A final static balance is always completed.  This aircraft propeller overhaul process, depending on the model, takes 1-4 weeks to complete.

For my airplane propeller repair, how do I ship it?

To ship a propeller, we recommend to use a wood crate to ship.  But before you ship, call us as we do pickup and deliveries in many areas.

What are some reasons I might need to change my aircraft propeller?

Your aircraft propeller may be obsolete and parts are simply not available anymore.  Another reason is the propeller overhaul cost may rise greater than a cost of a new one.  You may also have to change propellers if you do a modification/STC/Upgrades to your engine.   


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